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Battle of the Boyne

In the year following the passing of the Bill of Rights, William defeated King James in Ireland at the famous Battle of the Boyne. This ended any real hope of a Stuart restoration, at least during James’ life.

While this battle is best remembered today in Ireland for its religious connotations, it is important to understand that it was far more about the throne than religion.

Catholics and Protestants were to be found on both sides, with William’s elite   Blue Guards fighting under the papal banner. William was allied with both Catholic and Protestant powers in the League of Augsburg, which had papal support and was directed against Louis XIV of France. 
In fact, the news of James defeat was celebrated in the Vatican.

The battle was regarded as more significant on the continent, than in Britain. Two days later an Anglo-French Fleet was defeated by the French at the Battle of Beachy Head, and that was of  greater  concern to the English.

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