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Republics: Crowned and Politicians'

No definition of the word “republic” is all encompassing. Indeed by itself the word ‘republic’  is so imprecise as to be almost meaningless.  It requires some qualification to explain what is intended.

On this site we distinguish between crowned republics (also known as constitutional monarchies) and politicians’ republics. This does not purport to be an exhaustive classification. Falling outside of these are, for example, absolute monarchies, which have existed historically in say, France under Louis XIV and exist today in Saudi Arabia. But most countries today would would be either crowned republics ( constitutional monarchies)  or politicians’ republics. All crowned republics are democracies, many politicians’ republics are not. 

In Australia the republican movement proposed a republic where the politicians’ chose and closely controlled the president. This was rejected in 1999.

Although they will not today reveal what sort of politicians’ republic they want, the two most talked about is either some variation of that rejected in 1999. Alternatively, it is  one where the president, and presumably the vice president, the six governors, the six lieutenant governors and the administrator of a territory are all directly elected politicians.

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