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It seems to me that these illustrations are enough to get any debater started on similar topics. Perhaps in a later edition we may enlarge them, but now there seems to be enough to go on with.

May I wish one and all much happiness in debating, much enlightenment from exploring the topic, and much fellowship from respecting the views of each other.

Let us all remember at all times that the overwhelming majority of those who debate this topic sincerely believe they are championing what they think is best for Australia. No one wants either to imperil our freedom, frustrate our governance, detract from our international standing or stand in the way of the democratic will.

Similarly, monarchists and republicans alike want to share their insight with each other and wish the people of Australia to whom even knowledge that we have a Constitution (in both senses) in the Commonwealth and the States is (or would be) a complete revelation, let alone any detailed knowledge of any constitutional machinery or terms, or the likely or possible effects of even minor change. So go to it—the future of our nation is being debated - let's be in it to win it!

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