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Australia's only link with the Crown is the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth. ... ...
We cherish it system of government in Australia which places all the Crown's day to day executive powers in the hands of Australians, either ministers chosen from our elected representatives or Governors-General and Governors answerable to their Prime Ministers or Premiers. In-stich a system, issues of personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses, including those of the Royal Family, have no significant or legal place. ... ...
If issues of personality lead to gross unsuitability in a monarch, Australia will be consulted, just as it was in Edward VIII's abdication crisis, if any change is contemplated. ... ...
Until the problem actually arises in that ' form, there is no constitutional machinery for penalising an heir, even an Heir Apparent, ' for family breakdown nor deemed or judged inadequacies. Any judgement now is probably twenty or thirty years premature.'
Lloyd Waddy (ACM National convenor) ACM media release 21 November 1995
'Morals test for high office would disqualify nearly every incumbent. Politicians, celebrities, even the clergy, can be found in compromising situations without a hiccup in their careers. Yet the moment members of the Royal Family do likewise, the Monarchy is said to be in crisis, and Britain, let alone Australia, is headed for a republic.'
The Hon A.J. Abbott MP (former ACM Executive Director). "Telegraph Mirror" (Sydney) 22 April 1994.
'The strength a Constitutional Monarchy gives to the country is immense and should not be threatened by the events of recent years, however sad they may be.'
A. Blair (Leader of UK 0position) When applauding the achievements of the Queen and asserting his own faith in the Monarchy.
UK's "Weekly Telegraph" 22 April 1996
'According to a constitutional expert at the University of New South Wales, Professor George Winterton, the Australian Government might be asked its view [on Charles remarrying or the appropriateness of succession]. Professor Winterton said the Statute of Westminster of 1931 says that where it is `meet and proper', member governments of the Commonwealth should be consulted on issues affecting the succession.'
"The Australian" 28 August 1996 p. 1


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