Speakers Bureau Network

Speakers Bureau Network

The Australian Crowned Republic Network has a team of speakers available for school functions, conventions and other occasions.

Please email [email protected] and indicate the occasion, the date and place,

A short description of the subject envisaged and the time allowed, and contact details, including phone numbers.

While we cannot guarantee a speaker will always be available, we will use our best endeavours to ensure a speaker is available.

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Crowned Republic

A Crowned Republic is a form of government that features a monarch who serves as a symbolic, ceremonial leader with limited authority over matters related to the executive branch and constitutional issues. This type of system is exemplified by countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom, which are officially classified as constitutional monarchies. Additionally, the term can be applied to historical republics where the head of state held the title of "doge," such as those found in Venice, Genoa, and the Republic of San Marino. In these cases, the monarch's role was largely symbolic, with actual governance being carried out by elected officials or other government bodies. Overall, a crowned republic is a unique blend of monarchical and republican features in which the monarch's role is largely symbolic but still serves an important ceremonial function.
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