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This site was established as part of the Crowned Republic Education Project to provide a better understanding of our heritage: our Australian constitutional system, the role of the Australian Crown in it and our Flag. The Patron of the Crowned Republic Education Project is the noted broadcaster Alan Jones AO.

Crowned Republic was designed by Jai Martinkovits and Kerem Besikcioglu‎ of J.K Managed Solutions.

Emeritus Professor David Flint AM, Jai Martinkovits and Ed Copeman constituted the editing team.

They are supported by Philip Gibson as a fundraiser, Thomas Flynn as administrator and Peter Cavanagh as financial adviser.

Podcasts from The Republic Unplugged have been generously made available by Nick Hobson, DFC AFC.

2023 This site was updated by Clayton Metcalfe of the Australian FREEDOM Network in conjunction with HarpBBT.

All material is authorised by Professor Flint and Thomas Flynn, 6th Floor, 104 Bathurst Street Sydney 2000,

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Crowned Republic

A Crowned Republic is a form of government that features a monarch who serves as a symbolic, ceremonial leader with limited authority over matters related to the executive branch and constitutional issues. This type of system is exemplified by countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom, which are officially classified as constitutional monarchies. Additionally, the term can be applied to historical republics where the head of state held the title of "doge," such as those found in Venice, Genoa, and the Republic of San Marino. In these cases, the monarch's role was largely symbolic, with actual governance being carried out by elected officials or other government bodies. Overall, a crowned republic is a unique blend of monarchical and republican features in which the monarch's role is largely symbolic but still serves an important ceremonial function.
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