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The Moving Pictures  (VIDEO Channels)

Australian Governer-General TV (COMING SOON)

Monarchy Australia TV

Monarchy Australia is managed by Australians for Constitutional Monarchy. ACM. is the nation’s oldest and largest organisation dedicated to the defence of our constitutional system of government. Founded and incorporated in 1993, ACM has been audited every year and provided the engine room for the landslide victory in the 1999 referendum. ACM, alone of organisations, monarchist or republican, has held a national conference each year and has consistently attached to the fundamental principles in the debate. Interested persons can join ACM at

Save the Nation with Prof. David Flint

Hosted by Professor David Flint as he urges Australians to take back their country with intelligent conversations on the big issues.

Watch ‘Save the Nation’ live and on-demand at ADH TV, Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9pm AEST.

Aussie Crown TV

ACM National Conferences


The new home for common-sense Jernalisalistic commentary in Australia.

Alan Jones TV

Watch Australia’s leading voice, Alan Jones, share his unique take on the events and issues facing the nation and abroad.   Watch ‘Alan Jones’ live and on-demand at ADH TV, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8pm AEST.

Spectator Australia TV

The Spectator Australia is dedicated to freedom of expression and is vehemently opposed to the censorious nature of modern ‘woke’ politics and cancel culture. If you are keen to hear the views and ideas of experts who do not belong to the expert class, journalists and commentators who do not pander to their media owners, and political thinkers capable of transcending the party system to view the issues for what they are. The Spectator Australia is the only place for you. We are committed to offering provocative, insightful, and engaging writing from our astonishing stable of contrarian conservative thinkers. From high life to low, from outraged to amused, from local to international, we delight in providing the most stimulating and enjoyable viewpoints in the Australian media. Enjoy!

The Church and State Show

Nothing is more important to the health of democracy than religious liberty. Hosted by Dave Pellowe & featuring special guests each week, The Church & State Show speaks to important cultural & political issues with a Biblical Christian perspective. Watch ‘The Church and State Show’ live and on-demand at ADH TV on Fridays at 6pm AEST.

Sky News Australia

Real news, honest views. Stream Sky News Australia at

The Written Words  (WRITING)

The Spectator Australia

The Aussie incarnation of the iconic British journal of politics and culture.

Prof. David Edward Flint AM

He is an Australian legal academic known for his leadership of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy and for his tenure as head of the Australian Broadcasting Authority.

The Spoken Words  (AUDIO)

The issues that matter with Professor David Flint (4BC & 2GB) (COMING SOON)



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Crowned Republic

A Crowned Republic is a form of government that features a monarch who serves as a symbolic, ceremonial leader with limited authority over matters related to the executive branch and constitutional issues. This type of system is exemplified by countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom, which are officially classified as constitutional monarchies. Additionally, the term can be applied to historical republics where the head of state held the title of "doge," such as those found in Venice, Genoa, and the Republic of San Marino. In these cases, the monarch's role was largely symbolic, with actual governance being carried out by elected officials or other government bodies. Overall, a crowned republic is a unique blend of monarchical and republican features in which the monarch's role is largely symbolic but still serves an important ceremonial function.
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